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Here at Pulse FM, we try to stay on the ‘cutting edge’ of lifestyle blogging. However, when it comes to food… the folks in Vancouver will tell you that the ‘edge’ relies solely on kale salad and veggie chips…

We decided to add a bit more… ‘juice’… to your standard lifestyle blog by compiling a list of the best places South of the Fraser to grab the greatest comfort food of all – a burger.

Uli’s Restaurant – White Rock

One of the oldest and most successful restaurants on the White Rock strip – and the KING (or Queen) of burgers in this area. While the other two are great, Uli’s is a slice of heaven. Look at that bacon… oh my.


Mario’s Kitchen – Delta

Mario’s is a family run joint in Delta, owned and operated by Darren and Liz Gates, and the menu incorporates a nice mix of Italian and Canadian dishes… but we’re here for the burgers, and they look fantastic too.



















Texx Big Burger – Surrey

Texx is a classic burger joint – No frills, no glamour, just amazing food at a reasonable price. You show up, write your order down on a pad of paper, and wait to have your mind blown. Take a look for yourself.

PS: You will never find a place more generous with french fries.


Have one to add? Let us know!