Some people can’t go without having their Coffee in the morning. As a matter of fact, is it fair to say that’s the majority of people?

We’ve been told all the bad things that coffee can do to us like making you jittery, insomnia, heartburn…

But how about we talk about all the good things coffee does for us?

Coffee improves your mood. A study from 2011 shows that drinking coffee lowers the risk of depression or suicide and general puts you in a better mood. 

Coffee increases Mental sharpness and Brain Health. Pretty good in helping long term memory, focusing, reaction times and reasoning. It is also known to help fight Alzheimer’s and Diabetes.

In woman, moderate coffee drinking decreases the chances of a heart attack. Three to five cups a day helps fight the chance of a Stroke. 

Some other quick facts:

Coffee is good for your liver

Coffee is good for your vision

Coffee fights Cancer 

Coffee helps in keeping the weight off

Increased Arousal Ladies….

and finally Coffee helps reduce inflammation which is what many older people die from in many different roundabout ways. 

So this morning forget the bad stuff, that coffee is good for you! Mugs Up!