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Following a rash of sex assaults against women in Surrey, Pulse Morning sought to find out what if anything can be done. We reached out to Tom Klemczak who is the main instructor at Shaolin Kung-Fu Academy in Surrey. They provide self-defense training for women and men alike. The program is three months for 90 minutes twice a week. He believes that this duration gives women more time to learn the moves and understand the strategy. Half the class is given to conditioning, while the other half is for learning self-defense moves. However, he is very clear that self-defense should be only used as a last resort. The key is situational awareness; being prepared for any inevitability and knowing what to do and how to react. Always listen to your inside voice, if it is telling you something is wrong, it likely is. Another simple tip is to unplug your earbuds and stop staring at your phone. Focus on your environment and surroundings. Remember, knowing what’s going on around you is crucial to your personal safety. Think about enrolling in a self-defense class to help improve your well-being; physically and emotionally. You’ll gain confidence in a way that will make you less vulnerable and therefore less of a target. Empower yourself to be strong, confident and most importantly safe.

Ian Power