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Hallowe’en is here!  And I only have a few years left in the trick-or-treating game… my eldest stopped at Grade 7, even though I encouraged him to go – and still encourage him to go now at 14!  The last few years we have become more aware and accepting of teenagers out trick or treating.  The message has spread now that they could be out doing much worse and to let them do fun kid things as long as they want.  I’m good with it, but I do think some of your kids are pushing it just slapping on a mask and ringing your doorbell at 9PM… at least show us some effort, y’all!

As for the young ones.  I have a friend who JUST SAYS NO to babies, because come on, you know the parents are just eating the candy!  And I completely disagree.  When you have a new baby, your life is ALL errands.  NOTHING is fun.  Shots, extended grocery store visits, drug store runs for more diapers.  Your baby isn’t any fun, except those 1 or 2 cute little smiles you caught today.  So why not let these newbs have some fun, dress up their little cutie and hit the road for a fun family adventure.  If you’ve ever put a baby in a costume you know that trauma isn’t worth a few Kit Kats – I don’t believe that these parents are in it to score free candy.  (Aside from that, baby costumes are like $60!)

How about the faux pas of trick or treating in an “easier” or “better” neighbourhood?  On this one I’m torn.  I’m a HUGE community advocate and I believe that if you participate in your neighbourhood, that’s what makes it great!  Don’t go off to someone else’s hood!  However, I’ve also had small children.  I can’t imagine toting them up and down long dark driveways if you know there’s a townhouse complex by that you can spend your 30 minutes trick or treating and hit up 100 houses at once!  But I also realize the pressure it puts on these amazing neighbourhoods that get right into it.  I am not going broke giving out candy, so once it’s gone, it’s gone!  I buy my max and then I turn out the lights, and I would suggest the same to all of you!

Lastly, there’s a petition to move Hallowe’en to the “last Saturday in October”.  Mmkay so I totally understand the reasoning here.  I would NOT want to be a teacher on Nov. 1 dealing with the candy and lack of sleep hangover!  Not to mention the adults who indulge on Hallowe’en night, or just have trouble getting those kids down.  But come on people.  We can’t just go moving everything for convenience or lazy parenting or alcoholics (just kidding!).  I am not even sure what level of government makes that happen, but I doubt it ever will, despite the tired teachers.  However, there is a district on the island that has their pro-D day on Nov. 1!  Smart.

Happy Hallowe’en to the young, old and everyone in between!