‘Wordle’ has very quickly become the daily brain teaser everybody is talking about. Whether you challenge yourself, or those around you it is a fun brain teaser that encourages you to really use your brain for a few minutes everyday.

Think of it as Mastermind, but with words instead of colored pegs. Or a mini crossword without clues. You start by choosing any five-letter word and typing it out into the grid. Any incorrect letter pops up in grey. Correct letters turn yellow, and if the letter is also in the right spot it turns green. Users have six tries to guess the word, that’s it, the fewer tries, the better. Which makes it fun when you challenge friends or family cause you can REALLY get into the competitive side of it.

The New York Times reported it was created by software engineer Josh Wardle for his partner, who loves word games. Wardle eventually took his side project to the public in October after its popularity on a family group chat. It’s since grown from 90 players to 300,000 as of last Sunday.

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