By now you’ve probably at least heard of it if you haven’t seen it. It’s the latest racist tyrade from a caucasian woman aimed at certain employees of a Shoppers Drug Mart in Burnaby. It’s gone completely viral and with the excpetion of the odd misguided troll, the woman is being roasted for her behavior and words.

What’s extremely discomforting watching her screaming, ‘speak English’ and, ‘This is Canada’ is the fact that it looks like she is with a boy who looks to be about 10 years old and he is hearing her words.

That’s the most disturbing fact.

We as adults can process things any which way we choose and choose whether we agree or not with what’s being said.

A 10 year old cannot do that.

That 10 year old thinks that what adults say is the gospel, so imagine what kind of human being he may turn out to be.

Quite possibly the same person this woman turned out to be because I will bet everything I have that the people who raised her, spoke the exact same way.

So rather than being berated and called out for being the racist individual she is and very similar to the woman in Richmond who also was caught on video spewing hatred in the not so distant past, the sad fact is she won’t be charged with anything, we’ll all move on to another issue on social media tomorrow, and that child will grow up not knowing what that woman said was not only wrong, but also unacceptable.

Or perhaps he will meet people in his life that will explain to him that racism cannot and will not be tolerated by society….ever.

We can only hope but the odds aren’t great.