Over the years I have attended many weddings,  some of them small and some have been over the top, but one commonality that I found is they were ALL stressful! Be it, the bride and groom on edge trying to ensure their day is perfect or the mother of the bride trying to take over and ensure things are done her way – the right way, OR that guest that had one too many glasses of wine and is telling too many stories better left at the stags!!  Either way, the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has changed a lot of things, including weddings!

We talked to Lisa, the wedding planner at Newlands Gold & Country Club, she gave us a great peek into what the brides and grooms of 2020 are doing to keep their day special amidst a pandemic and it seems that there really are silver linings and many positive things about getting married in 2020!

Narrowing down that guest list got a lot easier and no hard feelings when you can blame a pandemic – sorry, friends that I graduated with and see at events…. you’re out! Now, the bride and groom can focus on their immediate circle – they will likely choose people they really care about and vice versa, creating a very close and intimate circle of loved ones on your special day.

The focus will be on your LOVE! Without the big guest list, you will have time to really focus on what matters, which is the whole reason you’re doing this – YOUR love for one another! That alone will make the entire day much more memorable and likely translate beautifully in the wedding photos, those awesome keepsakes you’ll pull out for the next 20 or 30 years!!

And, those wedding photos – you WILL have more time to be creative with them! Not having to ensure that you get Great Aunt Karen in the photo, BUT not with Uncle Bob – and don’t forget to get ALL the kids together in the photo – AHHH no worrying about that this year! A few group shots of your inner circle then it’s all about you – as it should be!

PLUS less stress getting to the airport, layovers, jetlag, and crappy airport coffee while you try and relax for your honeymoon. You can now get to know your city or province and plan a staycation; this will be less money and stress and you will get to know the area that you will be starting your new married life in!

I am sure that there are more positives, and Lisa can turn any downsides right back up for you ensuring that you have the most beautiful, stress-free, day of love for your big day!

Give her a call to learn more: 604-533-3288

Or you can check them out online: www.newlandsclubwed.com