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Remember when we were all freaking out about the prospective End Of The World? I can recall it happening in 2000 when that computer scare was causing everyone to flip out. Would computers be able to handle the flip from the 1900’s to the 2000’s!?? Yes…yes they did.

Then it was 2012. A movie was even made about it starring John Cusack (because when you’re looking for a hero, John Cusack is the first on our list). Since we’re still here, it would seem that the “Doomsday Theorists” out there had their math incorrect.

According to the Mayan Calendar the end of the world was supposed to be on December 21st, 2012.  When we switched over to Gregorian Calendar we lost 11 days per year.  Apparently if you take that math into account the actual date for the end of the world would be June 21st, 2020! (a.k.a this Sunday!)

Because the only thing missing from 2020 is the Mayan apocalypse.  If you knew today was your last day – what would you do?