Tokyo isn’t letting the pandemic stop them from Halloween fun!

The city’s come out with the world’s first drive-thru haunted house where zombies surround and terrorize your car, rocking it back and forth, even throwing fake blood on it for an entire 15 minutes! 15 minutes!

As the website describes it “The haunted house drive-in, located in a covered parking garage in a non-descript building in downtown Tokyo, gives visitors a 360-degree, front-row experience that simulates being stuck in a car during a zombie outbreak.”

So would you try it out?






A few years back I ended up punching out a ghost at a haunted house in Whistler, the whole experience was so terrifying from chain saws going off around me, to this old bride actually breathing down my neck, I was out of that house in two minutes flat and vowed to myself I’d never step foot inside another one.

While a haunted car isnt AS terrifying, still – I already battle fine lines and wrinkles – why add to it?!

I’ll be at home watching ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost’ at home instead, thank you very much!

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– Vanessa xox