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I’m a fan of optical illusions. Things that make you go ‘hmmmmm’. Whether it’s magic or images like the ones below, I love looking at things that bend your mind a bit.

Take this image for example. There are over a dozen dots in this picture but your brain can’t process them all at once, which is why you can only ever see one or two at a time.

As someone that wears glasses, I’ve heard the term “4 eyes” before but this one just messes with your head. Because your brain is used to seeing only one set of eyes and one mouth, you’ll find looking at this is difficult to do with ease.

Are we looking at the back of someone’s neck or at someone’s back? You decide.

Look at these shiny oily legs. They seem ready for a tan or something right? Or are they ready for a rest after painting the living room? Hmmmmm

Look at it. That rainbow swirl spinning. It’s actually not moving at all (which you already knew) but your brain can’t help but to put it into motion.

Ok. My brain hurts. Feel free to share your mind bending images as well!