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This whole pandemic thing has really thrown a wrench into our travel plans. Prior to this COVID situation, we were all hopping on cruise ships, booking plane tickets and travelling around the world.

Now with COVID in the air, people have put those travel plans on hold. So what is it going to take to get people back in the air?

The new travel world will be filled with temperature checks, social distancing measures and longer lines (due to those social distancing measures). There’s talk of limiting meals, axing alcohol and jacking up prices.

If you decide to fly, odds are you’ll be greeted with a welcome kit consisting of hand sanitizer, wipes, gloves, bottled water and face masks. To offset the need to leave every other seat empty, you’ll be paying more.

But what if you’re a first classer? Will you still have to deal with all of this too? Yup.¬†¬†Mandatory temperature checks and screening centers will also be set up to ensure that you’re well enough to hit the friendly skies.

With all that’s changing and all that’s happened around the world, how long will it take before you decide to travel again?