Whoever said you can’t go home has obviously never been to the Cloverdale Rodeo. In another life while playing country music on the radio I attended the fairgrounds in Surrey every May long weekend. After what must have been 15 years or so of being onsite at the rodeo I took a long and well deserved hiatus. Fast forward to 2018, some 8 or nine years later, and I was back in the proverbial saddle this past weekend. I don’t recall a time when I have seen so many people from so many walks of life with a common thread and having fun! Young, old and everone in between, the smiles abound. Cloverdale should take a collective bow for hosting such a world class event. While parking was challenging it wasn’t impossible. While the grounds were shoulder to shoulder in a sea of humans it wasn’t uncomfortable. In fact, everyone was so well behaved it felt like a giant block party. Of course there was the usual assortment of merchandise and wares, not to mention enough food to feed a small town. If you were fortunate enough, as I was to be in town this past long weekend I can’t imagine anywhere else I would have rather been than the Cloverdale Rodeo. It was a staycay far enough from the daily grind, but close enough to sleep in my own bed.

Ian Power