In case you missed out on the Tim Biebs merch & you don’t want to spend triple the price buying it on eBay LOOK NO FURTHER! We are being told Tim Hortons will be restocking the Tim Biebes merch..

In a statement, Chief Marketing Officer Hope Bagozzi shared that stores will be able to order more stock given that many restaurants sold out very quickly.

“We know that many restaurants sold out of all their merch very quickly – many on the very first day that Timbiebs launched,” said BagozziWe’re happy to share that we’ve given restaurants that have already sold out the ability to order more stock, so we encourage guests to try their local Tims again if merch wasn’t available the last time they checked. While stock of all Timbiebs merch items is very limited, we hope guests will keep trying other Tims restaurants rather than buying off resellers,”


So go check your local Timmy’s if you’ve been looking for that merch!

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