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With gas prices insane and showing no sign of slowing down, it isn’t too surprising thieves are taking advantage!

There’s been a surge of thieves siphoning gas across the country (one daycare in Winnipeg had all six of its vans drained!). Apparently some lowlifes are even going as far as drilling a hole directly into a vehicle’s gas tank to get it that much quicker.

To protect your car and your wallet, here are some tips:

– Invest in a locking gas cap, even if your vehicle already has a fuel door that locks

– Park your car in a garage, if possible, or parking it in a well-lit, well-travelled location. They say parking so your fuel door is visible from a main road can also be a deterrent.

I say we all add a drop of mercaptan to our gas tank after filling up. It’s the same odor Fortis BC adds to its gas so it smells like rotten eggs.

One whiff of that baby and Mr.Siphoner will puke or pass out so fast, “free gas” will be the last thing on his mind!

– Vanessa