Almost everyone has been affected by road rage in one form or another. From scowling, shouting out the window and flipping the bird to tailgating and in extreme cases getting out of your car to exchange words road rage occurs every day in Surrey and other roads South of the Fraser.

My worst experience was almost right outside the Pulse FM Studios at the corner of 152 and Highway 10. I was turning right and cars at the same time cars across from me were using the advanced arrow to turn left, the idea being both cars stay in their designated lanes and everything is peachy. Well after turning left this young woman starts honking at me because she I guess was wanting to go straight into my right turning lane and I was there taking it up. When I slowed down to let her in front of me she slammed he brakes so hard I swear I was going to crash into her.she then proceeded to drive as slowly as possibly to get back at me.

At this point my blood was starting to boil. I tried to go around her but right away she switched lanes pretty much corner me in. When we both got to a red light it was all I could do not to get out of the car and punch her in the face. Instead I just sat there and tried to stay calm as she continued to sniper at me in the rear view mirror and give men the bird.

Believe me. it isn’t easy to stay calm but it can save your life. Here are some ICBC tips to help avoid road rage and hopefully a situation similar to mine.

Tips From Young Drivers to Avoid Road Rage

1. Keep your emotions in check when driving. If you are having an emotional situation such as an argument with your significant other, avoid getting behind the wheel until you resolve your issue.

2. No driver is perfect. Sometimes a driver will do something that they may not be aware of that has caused another driver to become angry. As an example, they may pull into traffic with the honest intention of getting into the flow and don’t realize that it takes longer than they thought. If you prepare yourself to accept driver mistakes, they won’t affect you as much emotionally.

3. Don’t get upset about traffic, it’s a fact of driving life. Collisions, more motorists on the road and weather conditions all play a role in traffic flow. Don’t get mad, relax and understand that you will be late.

4. Avoid angry motorists. If someone cuts you off or gives you the finger, don’t seek revenge, it’s not worth your safety or the safety of other drivers.

5. Avoid using your horn unless it is necessary. Honking while stuck in traffic won’t get you any further.

6. If a road rage driver attempts to follow you, drive to the nearest police station.

7. Don’t be afraid to report an aggressive driver to law enforcement.

8. Never leave your vehicle to confront an aggressive driver when traffic has stopped. YouTube is filled with videos that show the consequences of drivers engaged in physical altercations.

9. Avoid being distracted at the wheel. Your fellow drivers may not appreciate you texting while driving or impeding traffic while your have your head down updating your social media status.

10. Use your lights, signals and check your blind spot to indicate your intentions and avoid cutting off fellow drivers.

Road rage can be easily defused if drivers take the necessary steps to be patient and understanding while driving. Life is too short to be angry while driving!

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