Summertime when the livin’ is easy and our skin is bare and tanned, my favorite time of year, but also the time for my tattooed pals to show off all the skin-art! I feel like tattoos have become such a norm now – I see people younger then ever getting cute little friendship tats and people older than ever getting meaningful tats that signify something in their life. This leading me to believe that the stigma around the ‘tattooed person’ may have dissolved as we battle bigger and more important issues in 2020!

I did a little research as I contemplate putting some ink under my own skin, to learn some facts and stats on tats. Here is a list of interesting things I learned:

1. Your skin is pierced 50 to 3000 times per minute by a tattoo machine

Most people don’t realize when they are getting tattooed that it’s not a single needle point perforating their skin. Tattooing needles utilize groupings of needle points which are then pushed into the skin via a machine.

2. Tattoo ink is inserted into the second layer of skin

When you get a tattoo the ink is injected directly into the second layer of skin, referred to as the “dermis”. The skin atop the dermis is called the “epidermis” and acts as a sheer veil over top of the actual tattoo.

3. Tattoos were introduced to the west by sailors like Captain Cook

Ahoy, matey! When Captain Cook and his crew sailed to Polynesia in 1769 many of the mariners were intrigued by the tattoos they saw displayed on the natives. Deciding to take part in the process themselves, the sailors returned back west wearing tattoos of their own, helping to coin the term “tattoo”, and sparking a wide spread interest in the art form.

4. Black is the easiest color to remove from a tattoo

Contrary to popular misconceptions, black is actually the easiest color to remove during a laser procedure. The black ink absorbs the greatest number of laser waves, allowing it to be removed from the skin much easier than vibrant, lighter colors like green and yellow.

5. Psychology Today reports that a recent study has concluded that people with tattoos are more likely to be “experience seekers”

This recent study has determined that people who choose to get tattooed tend to lean towards non-conforming lifestyles, enjoying adventures pertaining to the mind and senses, and preferring low-risk novel experiences.

6. Women are more likely to get their tattoos removed as compared to men

A research study taking place in dermatology offices, found that more women than men choose to remove their tattoos. When women were asked about why they had decided to get rid of their ink, the most common responses were; social stigma and pressure, embarrassment, or a new job/career. Let’s hope this changes in 2020!

7. The most popular tattoo choices are said to be angels and hearts

It’s hard to say why these designs have held the top spot for tattoo imagery the past year, but perhaps it comes down to what matters most to many people; nature, spirituality, and imagery like that speaks to traits like strength and beauty

8. “Tattoo” is one of the most commonly misspelled words in the English language

Often misspelled as “tatoo”, this simple word seems to evade most people when it comes to spelling it out. While spelling mistakes are something to laugh about, misspelled tattoos are not – AND double check the spelling of ANY word you plan in inking into your skin!

9. The oldest tattooer in the world is a 97 year old Filipina woman

Whang-od Oggay is the world’s oldest living tattooer, born in 1917, she is now 97 years old and has been tattooing for 80 years.

10. Tattoos can help you feel body-positive!

While many people get tattoos to decorate the body, others use them as a way to transform parts of themselves that cause insecurity. Women who have been subject to mastectomies can now have realistic 3D nipples tattooed, helping to ease them into the difficult transition. Men and women whose bodies are scarred from self-injury have also found solace in tattooing, as it can cover up the painful reminders of the past. That alone is enough reason right there to lose the stigma around tats!!