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My first guest Walker Adair, should have the Guinness World Record for the worlds’ longest first date, in distance AND in days.


It all started when their eyes locked across the room and once the conversation ensued, he found out that the man of his dreams was going on a tropical vacation for an undetermined amount of time. So what did Walker do? He flew over 11,566 km to see if this was indeed a match made for love.


Well, Walker ended up overseas for about 45 days, so you’re going to have to tune in to see if he stayed because of love or typhoid fever.


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You know how the Queen of Hearts says “off with their heads”? Well, the Queen of Brows just wants to poke you with tiny stabs on your face…or more precisely, your eyebrows. Shaughnessy Keely and her partner (in more ways than one, hubba-hubba)  Kyle Otsuji, are owners and permanent make-up artists who have perfected the art of “Sashiko” which translated, means tiny stabs. It’s a traditional Japanese stitching method and I can attest, it is AMAZING!


Shaughnessy graduated from Emily Carr Fine Art University and has an affinity for painting canvases and faces. They also specialize in scalp micro-pigmentation which essentially is hair dots for the follicle challenged. Whether it be a medical condition or vanity, they’ve got you covered. In ink that is!


These two love birds are building an empire around their Sashiko brand and we’re gonna tap into the makings of a power couple and how they make their relationship sing. Jay-Z and Beyonce betta watch out! (Beyonce is Shaughnessy’s fav!)


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