You think a “Triple Threat” is something in show biz? Pfffffft. My first guest is an actor, model, personal trainer, writer AND a movie props specialist.


Shana Chow grew up behind the scenes in the Motion Picture Industry travelling with her dad and his props company. With all of that excitement and glamour, she soon realized that she wanted to be IN FRONT of the camera and began making that happen.


Shana also wrote Love Gone Savage, a book of poetry that speaks to drawing your strength from within and also knowing that you’re not alone. The impetus for the book was losing her childhood sweetheart and a friend in a violent attack at the age of 21 and then later in life being in the dating scene and finding it to be less than genuine.


Well, we’re gonna compare stories y’all and you know we’ll be sayin,’ Date Did What?


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You know when someone’s name evokes visions of old world charm, romance and magical moments? No, okay, well, stick with me here. Adera Angelucci makes me feel like eating Spaghetti Alle Vongole, whilst sipping the finest Barolo and cruising the canals of Venice.


Adera is Co-Founder of Spiro Creative, which, in Latin means, to breathe life into. See, there’s some Latin old world charm! Adera works on Discovery, Authenticity, Emotion and Connection with her clients to uncover and capture their true passion to share and engage with their audience.


Adera is also a speaker and conference leader who lives to connect with others. This lil fire-bolt will wow you with her energy and inspire you to ignite your true self and share your flame. She’s co-hosting the epic conference Think and Grow Rich for Women on February 17th in Langley with speakers Sharon Lechter, Author of Think and Grow Rich for Women and Lisa Copeland, Top 100 Women in Automotive. Get your tix here promo code : richwoman to save $48 on tickets.


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