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With the summer season here, it can be easy to forget to roll up your windows at the end of the day, making your vehicle an easy target for thieves.

Frank Forchalk with White Rock Lock & Key spoke to Pulse Mornings Tara Lopez earlier this week on the top three places for car break ins and how to avoid becoming a victim.

1) Your Home

“The home is often an area where thieves target your car on the street or your driveway,” says Forchalk. “These break ins usually happen between midnight and 7am. This time of year is great for people partying in their houses, enjoying the summertime. While all the people inside are having a great time these thieves go and break into cars when there’s lots of activity going on and it’s very easy to do.”

2) Gas stations

“Gas stations are always targeted because ladies will leave their purses in the car, men will leave their wallet in the car and they’ll just take their credit card in to pay for the gas. Next thing you know, you come back and your wallet and purse is gone.”

3) Dog Parks and Nature Walks

“These are really high break-in areas for break ins because thieves are waiting in the parking lot. We don’t realize when we pull up, there’s somebody waiting and looking in the cars in a nature park because they know these people are going to get out of their vehicle and be gone for at least 30 minutes to an hour so it gives them a lot of time to check out the vehicle, see what’s inside and break into it.”

Listen to Forchalk’s tips for keeping your car safe from  break-ins (including keeping your vehicle spot clean) in the full segment below with Pulse Mornings Tara Lopez!