Is there anything more depressing than adulting?

Here are the Top Signs You’re An Adult¬†according to a new survey of 2,000 people by Farm Rich

Having a budget 55%

Buying a house 54%

Filing your own taxes 52%

Monitoring your credit score 48%

Investing in your 401k 46%

Doing your own laundry 43%

Scheduling doctors’ appointments 38%

Making a grocery store list 35%

Cooking dinner Monday through Friday 33%

Watching the nightly news 31%

Personally my top sign you’re an adult is not only doing your own laundry but FOLDING IT. LIKE NEATLY.

When I was younger I’d just throw clean laundry back into the basket and pick at it each day or even worse throw it in a pile in the corner of my room. Whichever clothes were at the top I’d wear.

Now, not only fold my laundry, I put it AWAY! #MindBlown

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– Vanessa xoxo
@VanessaYbarra77 (Insta)/ @VanessaLYbarra (Twitter)