Are you taking part in the Halloween Challenge aka watching 31 horror films for every day in October?!

Hospitals better get set to see a spike in heart attack cases.  31 straight days of watching nothing but blood and gore?! Not sure about you, but my aging heart couldn’t take it! 

If you are taking part in the Halloween challenge here are the top scary movies to watch according to Rotten Tomatoes

10. The Babadook
9. Carrie
8. The Witch
7. Scream
6. A Quiet Place
5. The Excorcist
4. The Conjuring
3. Hereditary
2. Get Out
1. The Shining

What movie do you think is the scariest film of all time?

For me it’s hands down The Exorcist!

On the rare occasion I work up the nerve to watch it, I have a very set way of doing so. 

First, I need a pile of pillows to cover my face and scream into and second, I can only watch it with one bar of volume on. Especially the scenes of the little girl howling and puking everywhere – ugh, it’s almost as bad as the bathrooms at the Roby! Almost!

– Vanessa xox