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Now into its fourth day, the threat of a protracted transit strike seems more likely.

Transit unions initiated a measured job action on Friday, with at first a ban on overtime. This affected bus repairs mostly, but also cut into some of the Seabus sailings.

Management has offered about two per cent wage hike, which is far short of what the transit unions had been asking for.

Management says if the union was given what it’s asking for, it would cost the system $600 million over 10 years.

Transit operators are talking about escalating action, which could mean rotating strikes (different areas being shut down, or reduced service) or possibly refusing to take fares, which would cost the company significant revenue.

The union says it is reluctant to begin refusing to accept fares.

Meanwhile, the job action will continue.

It may eventually come to a provincially mandated binding mediation, where a mediator would hear both sides and decide what is fair.

Pulse FM will keep you up to date as this job action unfolds.