There has been a trending hashtag going around Twitter and it’s causing quite an uproar! It is…


The idea was conceived by Gail Simone, a writer with an avid 139k Twitter following.

She says: “Today’s challenge isn’t new, but I still think it’s fun. Write a horror story in six words.”

What has ensued has been horrifying, yet entertaining to say the least. Here are some of our favourites:

Some scary ones...

And some funny ones, so you can still sleep tonight

And now for Pulse's version

We asked some of the staff here at the Pulse FM studios, and got some interesting results…

“Stomach ache while wearing white pants”

“Stuck in room with Roseanne Barr”

“I sat down and heard ‘splat'”

“Let’s play an icebreaker game now”

“It’s not Friday yet, it’s Monday”

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