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Mobility pricing. Two words that aren’t exactly a household name…yet. Back when the NDP government cancelled the tolls on the Port Mann and the Golden Ears you also thought, ‘This is great!’ – Yes, it was. And then, those two words started showing up in various media articles. Despite the tolls being cancelled, a Mobility Pricing Commission has been hired by the province to take a good look at how to curb the problem of congestion south of the Fraser and throughout the Lower Mainland. South of the Fraser has some of the biggest congestion problems in the country, and because of that, we will probably be the first to say the words, ‘mobility pricing’ and know exactly what it means – taxes to use heavily used arteries. The Mobility Pricing Independent Commission will be looking for our input starting next month. A first report will be realized this winter and a final report will be given to Translink next spring. Guarantee that your free ride south of the Fraser will soon be over.