There’s a very interesting art display right now in Fort Langley. At least two dozen colourful umbrellas are anging delicately from power wires as you approach the downtown core on the right hand side. Why they’re there, who put them up, what they represent…who knows. When my sisters and myself stumbled upon the display we laughed because it’s so random. Then we had an idea, let’s do a photoshoot!

I have’t hung out with my sister in a good while so it was fun to be kids again. As we were jumping and laughing taking pic after pic  a group of people passing by stopped, laughed, then tarted their own photo shoot they too will likely post on Facebook, Instagram, or hang on their walls to remember as a fun, random memory.

That’s what I love about art. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be explained. It’s more the feeling it brings out of you which for us was JUMP!

If you’ve come across a random art display South of the Fraser I’d love to see it! Tweet or email them to me at the details below!

  • Vanessa xox
  • @VanessaLybarrra