So much of what we do is in a vacumn. Even vacumning is in a vacumn. Bear with me, but who if anyone ever notices when you cut the lawn, or do the dishes, or get through the day to day? There is a disconnect and the wind is blowing in from the south.

The President of the United States has decided that now is a good time to take his protectionist trade offense to a new level. And, belive me the bar has been set pretty low. He suggested that we as Canadians go to the US simply to buy goods and to escape paying “tarrifs”. He even went so far as to suggest that if we bought shoes state-side we’d scuff them up to disguise the new purchase. Makes no sense to me whatsoever. In fact, when we return to Canada we may or may not be required to pay a duty (different than a tarrif). The point here is that when we shop in the states the economic winner is the USA. For the record, I am just as happy in most cases to shop wherever it supports the local economy.

Let’s not discount our friends and family whom we visit from time to time.

Next comes abhorrent treatment of refugees crossing the US border to the South. American authorities rounding up children and puting them into essentially chicken wire cages. So much for woman and children first. It’s not how we receive imigrants runing scared across our Canadian border. For many, it’s not that they wanted to leave everything behind, but they had to. Rest assured we have a comprehensive screening process and thankfully from time to time it works.

The President has always been the master of diversion. Look over there! Where? Today, he did a 360 and signed an Executive Order suspending the segregation of parents and children. I’ll take it, but don’t get too comfortable or complecant. Let’s push through the numbness. Everyone wins!

Ian Power