Once again I tell a sad story of the infamous Surrey Peacock and it’s habitat being chopped down in the name of…well, not sure why the tree they called him was cut down – perhaps it had something to do with the loud noises the birds can make, the poop, or the fact that it was a tree on someone’s property. But wait, one realtor who’s wife begged him to come home for dinner and let it go, and school board candidate Cindy Dalglish believe a $1,000 fine for not getting a permit to remove the tree just won’t, ‘cut’ it and wants to see that fine upped to $120,000. They are both besides themselves and – frankly – look ready to sob uncontrollably in their pictures in the North Delta Reporter. Regardless, the Surrey Peacock again finds itself homeless and without a tree to gather around to meet, socialize, and – if lucky – mate. The original farm land owner who sold the property to developers years ago but left his pet peacocks was reached for comment, he declined to answer when asked why these birds were just left, ‘afoul’.  At last check, the displaced foul were very upset, and have been wandering aimlessly like other poor flockers South of the Fraser who have nowhere else to go.