Walking the Road to Recovery with Project Lokomat

By June 18, 2018Community

When I was in high school I was hit by a car. Actually, my friend and I were hit by a car- in a school zone, by a new driver doing 60 at 7:45 in the morning. We looked both ways, entered the cross walk and then time stood still (it really does this, it’s pretty wild, though I would not recommend this method of experiencing it.)

I’m telling you this as a very healthy and happy adult that apart from a concussion, walked away. This could have gone very differently and for many people, it has – but Project Lokomat is returning people to a quality of life that most take for granted.

Project Lokomat has given people their autonomy again

On Thursday, May 31st, right across from Surrey Memorial Hospital, Pulse FM had a remote broadcast to help these amazing people bring a Lokomat machine to their facility in Surrey. The hope is that through continued fundraising they will be able to purchase a machine for the South Fraser area to bring this treatment closer to home rather than making the trek into the downtown core of Vancouver to pursue this life altering treatment.

During our 4 hours there, Ian Power from Pulse Mornings with Ian and Vanessa and the Pulse FM Street Team were able to see first hand what the power of specialized rehabilitation can do. These patients were thriving – walking, talking and laughing with us! We were driven to help them with the help of fundraising by Firmawear and custom fitted Tab Bras – two apparel items designed for improved recovery and a healthier lifestyle.



You can hear the full live broadcast here! Live on Location for Project Lokomat

Next time you’re in the area, pop in and see the amazing Health and Technology hub and the selfless people that are working tirelessly to improve their clients lives. It will leave no doubt in your mind that they need this machine. Please consider donating today – you never know who it might help.