If you are headed to Walmart this weekend do do some grocery shopping, make sure you are being extra diligent at the self check out stand (If you for some reason aren’t already).

Some Walmart locations are cracking down on self-checkout shoplifting, and some shoppers are upset because they claim they’re getting hit with citations and petty theft arrests for honest mistakes.

Have you ever realized something didn’t get scanned, or you forgot to get it out of your cart?

Apparently this is a big issue. Here’s the story:

Some Walmart locations are cracking down on self-checkout “shoplifting,” and are issuing citations if people walk away without paying for all their items. In some cases, people ARE stealing . . . and that’s bad . . . but a reporter talked with people who claim they were cited for MISTAKES, while handling a LARGE number or items, or dealing with children while checking out.

In some cases, the police were called . . . one woman said that because her mistake was more than $30, the sheriff arrested her for petty theft.  She didn’t say what the “mistake” was, but $30 isn’t just missing a couple veggies.

Walmart said that they are taking “basic measures to control inventory,” but they wouldn’t say how widespread their self-checkout crackdown is, or what their policies are for citations and other penalties.

Of course, many people DON’T EVEN WANT to do their own checkout.  In a recent poll, people were asked what they’d do if there were NO LINES.  56% said they want a human casher . . . and just 36% said they’d do self-checkout (KGUN.com).

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