What a difference a day makes. Air quality has improved by over 50% thanks to a significant wind shift overnight. Yesterday our air was the 5th worst quality air world wide. Seattle was number one. We took enough toxic breaths yesterday that equalled smoking 7-8 cigarettes. While we sat at a 10 plus on the Air Quality index yesterday, we now sit at a 5 thanks to the wind shift. Tomorrow is expected to drop even more. South Fraser is expected to be a 4 tomorrow. Right now the forecast calls for a chance of rain tonight, Friday and Sunday. That will improve conditions even more. However, conditions could deteriorate once again should the fires continue to burn and the winds shift again. September is a cross-your-fingers month. An incredible drive home for most people yesterday. Eerie is the best word to describe driving thru the thick plume of ash and soot. Add that smell of burning wood, probably a day we just soon forget.