Everyone has a favorite spot or “the spot” in their home.  This weekend I sure spent a lot of time in mine.  Let me explain.  My spot is the corner of my big sectional couch in my basement.  When I get in my ultimate relaxation position, I have all my essentials close by.  The 60 inch TV is about 6 feet away from my feet.  My left hand can open and close the window blinds to my left as well as reach for the drink that is perched on the window sill.  Behind my head is my favorite pillow along with a plethora of blankets to choose from depending on my warmth requirements that day.  The laptop is in my lap where it belongs.  On the coffee table within reach of my right hand are the 3 remote controls, 2 playstation controllers, pen, notepad, cell phone, earbuds, and a box of kleenex.  Coming up through the sofa cushions are the cell phone and laptop chargers.  There is also a google home plugged in behind me to settle any arguments and a drink fridge close enough for the kids to pass me something every time they make the mistake of walking through here.  Oh, did I forget to mention the snack drawer that stays regularly stocked with semi healthy treats?

Now, I know I can’t be the only one.  Everyone has a favorite chill spot in their home.  Where is yours and what cool little innovations do you have that I might want to steal?  A clapper perhaps?  Tell me about em.