Is there anything more constant than change? Just when you think you’ve got it all together, it all falls apart. When you’re heading one way, turns out you should have been heading the other way. It can come out of nowhere or you can try to be prepared for whatever change is heading your way. On today’s Pulse Mornings I interviewed two women with very different stories to tell, yet both were very much about taking charge of change, that we know is inevitable. My first guest was Dr. Prema Laban, a Psychiatrist working with maternal mental health issues. Her message of change is very simple, that change happens incrementally. The treatment of maternal mental health has soared as the various conditions become better understood. Still, it takes time and a will to want to change to begin making a difference. You can listen to the interview here

Interestingly enough the same can be said about my second guest Aeryon Ashlie who makes a regular stop on Wednesdays to talk about food and fitness. If ever there was an area most of us want to change it is food and fitness. And for about as many reasons as there are body types and diets. The bottom line here is like anything else you want to change it’s best to have a plan and move slowly and realistically for the best results. There is no on/off switch. No magic pill. No instant mix. It must begin with even the faintest want and hope. Often it means reaching out for help which can also be the hardest thing to do. Whatever you do don’t despair because help is at the ready when you’re ready. Put change on a reasonably paced timeline and embrace some of the things you thought you could never control.

Ian Power