We talked to Kevin Penner the COO and butcher at Meridian Meats in Langley to find out what the best cut of meat is and how to prepare it.

I knew that I liked Kevin, when he said “there is no one cut that is better than the other, it really comes down to preference, it’s almost like WINE” and then it all made sense! Like wine, you want to have a different experience with each cut of meat!

So let’s break this down – the top three most popular cut of meat are the top sirloin baseball, rib eye,  and new york striploin, Kevin says each of these steaks are fantastic but differ in flavor and tenderness – the rib eye being the most balanced and Kevin’s favorite and I will take his word!

Fat, you need a little fat for flavor, and Meridian Meats specializes in grass-fed beef which gives you healthier fat that is easier to digest and tastes better.

As for cooking, let’s say a rib-eye – something I didn’t know, DRY your cut of meat, get rid of the moisture, it is your enemy whether pan-frying or bbq’ing. And let that baby rest – leave it to rest for about 20 minutes – or to room temperature before you cook it, that way it cooks evenly to the way you like it!

Should you season your meat? Kevin says, not if it is a nice cut of meat – all you should need is a little salt and pepper or a steak spice! No need to overnight marinate and or drown in BBQ sauce. If you are purchasing a lower quality cut or cheaper cut then you may want to use an acidic marinade to break some of that muscle or tougher fat down.

Now, let’s grill! Get that BBQ HOT, while that steak is resting heat that grill or pan up, you want it between 400-500 degrees, as soon as it hits that grill it will char and not only look amazing but your tastebuds and guests will thank you!!

For more tips check out the full interview below.