Recently I read an article at titled, ‘Pack This, Not That: 8 Travel Items I Won’t Board a Plane Without’. If you are a frequent traveller as the author is, she says there are 8 things you need to bring with you every single time. Any guesses what they may be? Your passport is fairly obvious. I bring my passport with me even if I fly domestic just in case (Just in case I have no idea but, just in case) A carry on is always a good idea. She recommends a hard case for fairly obvious reasons. A blanket is a good idea. The only other people who use blankets like the ones airlines have are in a prison somewhere. Next on the list is a travel kit. Again, strait forward. Leggings. I’ve never worn them personally, but the author says, ‘They’re thick, comfortable, and stretch out if you tend to bloat mid-flight.’ Headphones. You have to brings headphones otherwise get a ruptured ear from the ones you foolishly handed over $5 for. A small cross-body bag to hold small but important items like change, your passport, etc. Hand sanitizer is a must. Did you know Microbiologists found that seat-back trays harbour an average of 2155 colony-forming units per square inch. Healthy Snacks. Because airplane food sucks. And finally, the 8th thing you absolutely must bring with you is a full water bottle. Everyone knows when you fly, you get dehydrated quickly. Believe it or not, it’s better for you than Tomato Juice. Happy landings.