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Today for our PULSE FM staff lunch we had delicious food from Bewiched Café in Surrey.  Yummy Porkapalooza Sandwiches, Bacon and Porchetta buns, Roasted Veggie Paninis with bellpapers and eggplant, Cauliflower Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, and a classic Greek Salad. Plus peanut butter, chocolate chip, & pumpkin cookies for dessert. Yum!

So if you’re needing a break from eating cold turkey and stuffing in a Tupperware with mashed up cranberries that make the office lunchroom smell like its Thanksgiving Dinner all over again (after reheating it in the microwave), we recommend you check out Bewiched Café in Surrey at Hwy 10 and 152 Street for a change.

You could even win a $50 gift card to Bewiched by signing up your email to become a CLUB PULSE member at – we hand out a new gift card every week.

And when you visit Bewiched Café – say hi to Verna Jean and Hope for us! 🙂