Listen to Neil and Leah chat about their nicknames from the show this morning.

I actually had two nicknames. Babe was what my dad always called me, he would called me that until I got to be in my 20’s. I loved it, it may sound weird but it was actually very sweet. My other nickname was the one my friends would call me and that was Pebbles. I used to love to have my hair up in a very high ponytail as a little girl.  If you watched the Flintstones’s you know that Pebbles was Fred and Wilma’s little daughter  who had her hair in a high ponytail but she had a bone in her hair, of course it wouldn’t have been okay for me to have a bone so I had to use a scrunchie.

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Growing up I had two different nicknames. One was in high school when my musical taste defined my image and style and haircut. I had my head shaved very very close to the scalp. Skinhead is what the cut was called back them and since my last name is Morrison the nickname was, ‘Morskin’ as in, ‘More-Skin’ as in a play on another word that you can probably figure out. In my twenties and a name that I’m still called today comes from a group of friends who all had nicknames in the 1990’s. The following friends would call me, ‘Brother’ and I would call each of them by their nicknames:

Johnny O.
White Choclolate
Those were just a few too many.