I always thought it was funny when people said that one of the worst things about back to school is making lunches for their kids … don’t you feed your kids like every day?!   I used to work full time so summer was no break from the endless lunch making & daily bag packing.

Now I get it!  There’s an endless to-do list to prepare for the following day, and it is dullsville.  Remembering everyone’s lunch orders (one likes mayonnaise, one likes only butter, one can’t have the cheese on the side with the butter… and then it changes on a dime.

Did you know that strawberry yogurt is good, but blueberry yogurt is totally unacceptable and when it comes back in the lunch bag it usually explodes?  Then you feel me.

The trade off of a few hours of quiet is worth it, but I am already wishing for a hot lunch day!