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The BC Government just released the Most Chosen First Names of children for 2016. It’s a little surprising given some of the classic names that continued to be chosen by parents on behalf of their little ones. Top 5 boys names in BC for 2016:

5) Jacob

4) James

3) Liam

2) Ethan

…and the most popular name for a boy born in BC in 2016 – Lucas.

231 babies were named Lucas in 2016.

Top 5 girls names:

5) Amelia

4) Emily

3) Sophia

2) Charlotte

…and number one with 265 baby girls in 2016…Olivia.

For a full list of babies names throughout BC in 2016 you can go here: Of the 45,399 babies born in this province on 2016, more boys (23,210) were born than girls (22,188 )