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Tom Holland has played Spiderman for a few years now, but we only recently learned just how dedicated he is the role!  So dedicated that sometimes he won’t even go to the bathroom for a whole day while shooting!  Sources say Tom would sometimes shoot for 11 strait hours without a bathroom break because he wanted Marvel Studios to know how dedicated he is to the role!  Things got so bad that his mom actually called the set once to make sure that he was getting the breaks he needed!

Tomorrow is 2/22/22, the date that we’re supposed to be getting a new album from Kanye West, titled ‘Donda 2’.  He released ‘Donda’ less than a year ago to rave reviews, but it took a little longer than expected.  (All of Kanye’s recent albums have been delayed, so don’t be surprised if this one doesn’t drop on time either)  Donda is available on the major streaming platforms, but apparently Kanye doesn’t want Donda 2 to be so readily available, saying that it will only be available by purchasing his new device, a ‘Stem Player’.  It’s a small controller that plays different parts of a song and allows user to adjust the tunes as they fit.  Very Kanye. The Stem player is available at, and cost $200.  Many think that Kanye is doing this as a way to make the most money possible from his art, as opposed to Spotify or Apple take the majority of the profits.

Do you have ‘Haitus Brain’?  If you’ve been streaming a lot of TV over the last couple of years, you just might! It’s a new term that denotes people who forget plot lines of a TV show during the time that show is on hiatus between seasons. Years ago, the time between two given seasons of a TV show as about 3-4 months, but with the advance of streaming services, as well as Covid, the time between seasons has grown a LOT. Sometimes it can be years! This causes many people to find themselves forgetting various plot lines and character arcs in a show, and thus find themselves less interested.