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Seth Myers and Post Malone Go Day Drinking

Seth brought back a very loved segment he does, DAY DRINKING And this time he brought Post Malone along and it’s soooo funny! Watch below!

Mariah Carey Is Facing A $20 Million Dollar Lawsuit For ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’

Mariah, her music co-writer Walter Afanasieff, and Sony Music Group are facing a $20 million dollar lawsuit that claims the credits of the holiday smash hit belong to another party.

Andy Stone, known artistically as Vince Vance and the Valiants, filed a civil lawsuit claiming he is the rightful owner and that Mariah merely “took inspiration” from a song he wrote years prior. He claims that in 1989 he co-wrote and recorded a song of the same name in Nashville. He also recounted that his version of the song received “extensive airplay” during the holiday season of 1993 — just one year before Mariah released her version in 1994.

Andy, whose court filings describe him as a “self-employed artist who earns his livelihood in the business of performing, selling and licensing his copyrighted music”, is suing Carey because she “never sought or obtained permission” for the use of the title All I Want for Christmas Is You

SO many songs have the same title and there is 0 similarity between the lyrics.. Listen to the songs below!

Demi Lovato Has A New Album Coming Out And The First Song Will Be Released FRIDAY

Demi Lovato has announced their new album Holy Fvck, which will be out August 19. The lead single from the new album is called “Skin of My Teeth” and it’s out Friday, June 10. See the Holy Fvck album trailer and cover below.