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Netflix’s has released it’s Top 10 Shows and Movies of All Time

NETFLIX has released a list of its most popular TV shows and movies of all time by the amount of hours they were viewed.  Do you agree with this list?

1.  “Squid Game” . . . 1.6 billion.

2.  “Bridgerton” . . . 625 million.

3.  “Money Heist: Part 4” . . . 619 million.

4.  “Stranger Things 3” . . . 582 million.

5.  “The Witcher” . . . 541 million.

6.  “13 Reasons Why: Season 2” . . . 496 million.

7.  “13 Reasons Why: Season 1” . . . 476 million.

8.  “Maid” . . . 469 million.

9.  “You: Season 3” . . . 468 million.

10.  “You: Season 2” . . . 457 million.

Searching Season 1 GIF by NETFLIX      Bridgerton GIF by NETFLIX

And now the Movies…

1.  “Bird Box” . . . 282 million.

2.  “Extraction” . . . 231 million.

3.  “The Irishman” . . . 215 million.

4.  “The Kissing Booth 2” . . . 209 million.

5.  “6 Underground” . . . 205 million.

6.  “Spenser Confidential” . . . 197 million.

7.  “Enola Holmes” . . . 190 million.

8.  “Army of the Dead” . . . 187 million.

9.  “The Old Guard” . . . 186 million.

10.  “Murder Mystery” . . . 170 million.


Jeff Bezos earns groans at charity gala for only donating $500,000

Jeff Bezos somehow managed to become the villain of a fancy fundraising gala in Los Angeles over the weekend, even after donating $500,000 to the cause.

The Amazon and Blue Origin boss and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez went to the A-lister-studded Baby 2 Baby event at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood on Saturday night — and his presence, or at least the presence of his wallet, was very much felt. But we’re told he wasn’t warmly welcomed by the glittering crowd.

“Everyone was waiting for him to donate something, but he didn’t,“ an insider said of the world’s second-richest man. “And then a little later, [Bezos] donated $500,000. There was an audible groan from the room.”

It may seem an ungracious reaction, considering he did drop half a million — until you consider that Bezos is estimated to make around $142,667 per minute. So he in theory made more in the five minutes he spent pretending to eat the chicken than he donated the whole night.

Season 3 Showtime GIF by Our Cartoon President


Britney Spears Refused to See Her Mother

Britney Spears’ mother Lynne reportedly flew from Louisiana to L.A. to see her, and Britney refused to let her in the house.  Britney recently blamed Lynne for coming up with the idea for her conservatorship.   A source says, quote, “She is furious with her.  Lynne tried over a number of days to try to visit, but Britney just shut her down.”

This happened around the time Britney posted a message on Instagram blaming her mother for giving her dad the idea for the conservatorship.

Britney said, quote, “She secretly ruined my life . . . So take your whole ‘I have NO IDEA what’s going on’ attitude and go [eff] yourself!!!!  You know exactly what you did.”

To make matters worse, Lynne recently filed a petition asking Britney to pay $650,000 in legal fees she racked up during the conservatorship case.

Britney Spears Television GIF


W Magazine trying to pull Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner cover after Astroworld tragedy

W Magazine is desperately trying to pull its upcoming edition after putting Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner on the cover.

Editors are in a tizzy over the issue following the Astroworld Festival tragedy, in which 10 people died and more than 300 were injured during a performance by Scott in Houston.

The Scott-Jenner cover, which also featured a big interview in the issue, was shot and printed before the Nov. 5 concert, but had not yet been shipped, prompting the scramble to recall the magazine before it hits store shelves, sources said.

“W editors have cleared any planned coverage of Travis and Kylie from their website, but the magazine was already printed, and now they are trying to stop the delivery trucks,” one source told Page Six.

“In the light of what happened at Astroworld, the interview and cover lines seem inappropriate, to say the least.”