Lorde Released a New Song For The First Time in 4 Years

Lorde has released her first song since her last album ‘Melodrama’, and it’s called ‘Solar Power’

She has announced an album is coming soon and will be called ‘Solar Power’, but until we get that, check out the song & music video below!

Ben Affleck Was spotted Gambling In Vegas With J-Lo’s Mom

Ben Affleck was spotted spending some quality time with rekindled flame Jennifer Lopez‘s mom while filming at a Las Vegas casino on Wednesday. The 48-year-old actor and Guadalupe Rodríguez were photographed together at the Wynn resort in Sin City, where Affleck is filming and directing a new project.

Camera people and security guards surrounded the pair as Rodríguez, 75, enthusiastically talked to them with her arms in the air between takes.

It is unclear whether Rodríguez — who once won $2.4 million at an Atlantic City casino and has been described as a “huge gambler” by none other than J.Lo herself — is involved in the project. Lopez, 51, was not spotted on set.

Affleck’s Vegas meetup with Rodríguez comes after several romantic getaways with her famous daughter, whom he first dated in the early 2000s before reuniting this year.

Well if this doesn’t confirm J-Lo & Ben are back together, I don’t know what will

Kate Hudson Says She’s Excited Weight Watchers Has Added Sex To Their Points System

After learning that sexy time with her man counts as a workout, Kate Hudson is ready to go.

The 42-year-old actress wasn’t shy about sharing her excitement over the news that WW (formerly Weight Watchers) had updated its app to include sex as a possible workout. In a video posted on Instagram on Wednesday, Hudson was ready to pull partner Danny Fujikawa into the bedroom.

“Hey guys. I’ve got some really interesting news that I’m very excited about right now,” she told her followers. “If anyone needs me, I’m going to be in my bedroom for a good, I’m going to say, hour-twenty. If he can handle it.”

Hudson then tried to do the math to see just how many points she could get out of her afternoon delight.

“According to WW’s new Fit App addition, me having sex for an hour-twenty will equal…s—, I’m terrible at math. Six fit points,” she calculated. “See you in two hours.”

Kim Kardashian Failed The Baby Bar For The Second Time

Kim Kardashian revealed that she has again failed the “baby bar” exam, during Thursday night’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” finale.

“I failed! F–k! I failed,” the 40-year-old, who is going to law school online, told her lawyers on the phone about her second attempt at the test. “This is really annoying.”

The mom of four said her score was “pretty much the same thing … [but] a little bit worse” than the first time she took it and failed.

The “baby bar” is a test in California for first-year legal students who are not taking classes at accredited schools, such as Kardashian, who is learning under a private tutor.

The Crude Teddy Bear ‘Ted’ will now have a TV Series!

A live-action series adaptation of the “Ted” movies has been ordered straight-to-series at Peacock.

Seth MacFarlane is currently in negotiations to reprise the voice role of Ted, a foul-mouthed, pot-smoking teddy bear brought to life by the magic of a little boy’s wish.

MacFarlane will also write executive produce the series, with Erica Huggins also executive producing under her and MacFarlane’s Fuzzy Door Productions banner. Plot details on the series are being kept under wraps. UCP and MRC Television will produce the series.

The first “Ted” movie was released in 2012. It proved to be a major box office hit, grossing nearly $550 million on a budget of $65 million. A sequel was released in 2015, grossing over $215 million. Both films were produced by Universal Pictures and MRC Films. Along with the voice of MacFarlane, the films starred Mark Wahlberg, Jessica Barth, and Giovanni Ribisi, with Mila Kunis starring in the first film and Amanda Seyfried starring in the second.

Ariana Grande Is Coming Out With A Cosmetic Line… WE DON’T NEED ANYMORE

Harry Styles, Hailey Bieber, Rihanna, Kylie, Kim and Kendall, and now Ariana Grande. As the list of celebrity beauty lines gets longer and longer we’re struggling to keep up with which A-lister is going to be next to launch their own lip gloss/spot serum/life-changing SPF (we’re looking at you Ri). Joining the roster of celeb beauty entrepreneurs is singer, Ariana Grande

Grande has filed a trademark for her very own line of beauty products. The name? As an ode to her 2018 single of the same name, the line is rumored to be called ‘God Is A Woman’. We wouldn’t expect anything less.

The trademark reportedly covers everything from skincare to body products, including mists, soufflés, perfumes, shower and bath gels, and more…. But do we need more celeb beauty lines?