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Nick Cannon Brings Out His Alter Ego AGAIN.. Merda Count Harlem

The “Masked Singer” host took to Instagram to tell his fans he did not attend the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards on Friday night in Atlanta rocking red locs with foiled tips, dressed in what appeared to be a bathrobe, golden armor, red and white striped boxers and mismatching Croc shoes.

This isn’t the first time the entertainer made a statement clarifying his whereabouts after an award show. The alleged doppelgänger was also seen at the MTV Video Music Awards in September prompting Cannon to take to Instagram to set the record straight.

Upon further investigation, by simply clicking on the Instagram account Cannon tagged in that caption, fans quickly gathered the character is indeed the “Wild ‘N Out” star portraying an alter ego named Murda Count, a rapper with a new single in the works.. Apparently he is doing all of this for publicity for his upcoming talk show. I guess it’s getting people talking

Wow GIF by Nick Cannon

Brad Pitt & George Clooney Are Reuniting For A New Movie

Over last weekend, the news broke that George Clooney and Brad Pitt were attached to star in an untitled thriller package that became the subject of a heated bidding war among some of the biggest movie companies out there. When the dust settled, the project was won by Apple Studios, which will reportedly give the film a “robust theatrical release” in addition to a likely release on Apple TV+ as well. The premise of the thriller is being kept secret, but the director who’s attached is Jon Watts, who is coming off his hot streak as the director of all three Spider-Man movies starring Tom Holland. The movie is suposedly suppost to be a thriller, there is nor word on the title yet or anymore than that, but knowing these 2 will be in it… that’s enough for me.

Brad Pitt GIF by Coolidge Corner Theatre

Season Premier Highlights Of SNL Hosted By Owen Wilson With Musical Guest Kacey Musgraves

SNL kicked off season 47 with HOST Owen Wilson & Musical Performance by Kacey Musgraves & it was amazing! Here are some of the highlights:

Next week check out HOST Kim Kardashian & musical guest Halsey!

Owen Wilson Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

Lin Manuel Miranda Records Excuse Video For Teen Who Missed History Class

When 16-year-old Luke Stevens missed a history test to hang out with Lin Manuel Miranda, he enlisted the Hamilton star’s help in recording a video message for his teacher, it’s too good! Watch below!

Lin Manuel Miranda Culture GIF by Team Coco