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Fellow radio host Drex, is bringing attention to what is happening on Granville Island, and we wanted to share!

Here’s what he had to say:

Did you know Granville Island is run by the federal government? And did you know they’re bullying a small business out of the market?

And when I say small I mean small — it’s a newspaper stand measuring four by seven metres.

Chia-Ning Chen has owned the business, The Tuck Shop, since 2013, and her business plays a pretty important role on the Island. There’s literally no other convenience store within walking distance of the Island, so for the 2,300 plus folks that work there, it’s their lifeline to toiletries, batteries, magazines, and other miscellaneous items you’d find in such a place.

Not to mention the thousands of folks that live in condos and apartments within earshot. They’ve been going there for 20 plus years.

But according to Tom Lancaster, the GM of Granville Island, her business doesn’t fit the long-term vision of the Island. And Tom’s vision for the island? Just looking at the numbers…

She ain’t making bank, so she’s gotta go. We’ve seen this with malls for decades. If you don’t make enough profit for them to get a cut — yes, some malls take a cut — you get the boot.

As long as Chen is paying her rent, why should she ever need to leave? She’s serving a purpose in our community.

And now that community is coming to her defence. She’s started a petition to stay and tells reporters she wants around 500 signatures.

I think we can get her more signatures though.

According to CMHC, Chen needs to be out by April 15th. In the meantime if you want to sign her petition you can do it in her store. Pick up a magazine while you are there and support her local business (Drex for DailyHive).



What are your thoughts on this? Will you be stopping by the store to sign the petition? Join the conversation on Facebook @Pulse1077!