I know my friends would probably say I am Rachel.  According to BuzzFeed the description of Rachel is spoiled, adorable, and courageous. She has worked for none of what she has and is a romantic disaster area.

Now hearing the description out loud, to me it doesn’t seem to fit me.  However she is who my friends have all said I am most like.  I think maybe a little of both Rachel and Monica. Monica is described as smart, cynical, and defended. Very attractive, had to work for everything she has. On her own for the first time and equipped to do nothing.

Yep to me I am a little of both. I’m definitely not Phoebe, although I like cats (smelly cat, smelly cat.)

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When comparing yourself to a member of friends you have to remember the show was fiction. For some reason, everyone really can compare themselves to one of the main characters. For me, without a doubt it’s Chandler Bing. According to the creators of friends, Chandler’s character is, ‘Droll. Dry. A wry observer of everyone’s life. And his own. Survives by way of his sense of humour. And snacks.’ Well, I do like me my sour creme and onion chips.


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