For years I’ve heard about this 1,001 steps  located at the end of 15a Avenue and 128th Street in Crescent Beach. Itching to give my butt a good workout I drove to the site  early Saturday morning pumped to climb 1,001 steps. Only problem was there wasn’t 1,001 steps.

As I was halfway down the wooden stairs I started to notice the shoreline of Crescent Beach getting awfully close. I thought to myself there must be a side set of stairs the route takes you on before you hit the bottom because there’s no way I’ve descended 1,000 stairs. I asked a group of guys passing me if I was losing it but nope, they told me 1,001 steps is really only two hundred making my “total body workout” only a ten minute long jaunt.

As scenic and fun as the stairs were (there’s a really cool graffiti tunnel to explore at the bottom and you can’t beat the view of the Pacific) the title is extremely misleading. It’s left the reporter in me wondering why on earth it’s called 1,001 steps. For such a specific numerical value there has to be a reason however so far my Google search has come up empty. So, Pulse blog readers, if you know the secret answer please message me on Twitter or email me. I will not sleep until I know the answer!! (may be a slight overstatement) but still I would love to complete this South Surrey mystery.

  • Vanessa xox
  • @VanessaLYbarra