Going to Costco gives me mixed feelings. Sometimes I think, YESSSSS COSTCO and the thought of all that fresh vegetables that I’m definitely going to eat and never, ever throw away. This time will be different! My hopes remain high as I pull into the parking lot, and my mood will go from there. If I struggle to find a spot, I know it’s going to be hideous inside. In terms of parking, I don’t like to drive around in circles. The pressure increases the more you drive around – no one wants to drive around for 4 minutes and still end up parking far away. I keep my hopes and my frustration low and just try to park near a cart return. Sure you could get closer to the door, but you have to then run your cart back and play frogger in that lot. No thanks.

Most days I drag my way through, poking through all the new items they’ve got out or stop to mentally count up how many batteries I have on hand or think about what we have in the freezer. Sure I have a list, but I left it on the counter. And I’m usually distracted by all the sales – $6 off a lifetime supply of pickles?!  Count me in.  Until I get home and realize I have 4 jars with 1 or 2 pickles in each.  Not really sure what’s wrong with those pickles, but that’s maybe another blog post.

What typically frustrates me about Costco is the customers. I think that’s pretty standard of any public experience. Life is pretty bearable minus all the people that are in my way in just about any situation.  Really, you don’t need your entire family to go to Costco with you.

Costco moves their product around sometimes, which really throws me off and drives me nuts.  While I will pick up most necessities when I have a moment to go there, I am typically going there for some things you can ONLY get at Costco like my favourite coffee beans or the round sausages that my kids claim are better than McDonald’s.  So when those items are moved, it really derails my flow.  Especially if I’m down to my – gasp – last bag of coffee.

Not to mention Surrey vs. Langley Costcos.  Why are they a completely different layout?!  Why is there a special milk room at Langley tucked away in the back?  Because I’m ALWAYS out of milk… and if I forget I’m not going all the way back to the secret milk room.

Then I get to the check out and it is usually a seriously disorganized cluster.  There are two lines down the aisle with people trying to “scooch” through.  NOPE.   If you get lucky, on occasion there will be a lovely employee directing traffic and attempting to organize the lines.  I don’t always mind the lines, because I get a minute to jump in my mom group chat to discuss all the crazy things I saw during the shop, tell them what’s on sale, and then of course, snap a picture of the lineups to them.  Inevitably someone says “can you grab me a…” NOPE.

Just when I’m in complete, sweaty, “what time is it” mode, I reach the check out.  WAIT where’s my card…  might take a moment to find it but once I do, I’m on our way!  And can we talk about how lovely the Costco employees are?  No matter how psychotic and stressed I feel at the end of my shop, there is always a smiling face at the checkout that relaxes me, which I am so grateful for.

Once I see the smiling faces with their highlighters at the door, I know I’m approaching the finish line.  Or so I always think, until I have to jam all my groceries into the van while someone waits for my spot, sitting their with the car running and their extreme glare.  The pressure.

If only one of those smiling Costco employees would come home and put all this stuff away…