I read an article recently about women’s purses and how we have gone from a cute-little clutch to, well, let’s be honest – purses now could carry a small child! Either way, It got me questioning myself….so, out went all the items from my purse onto my counter so I could examine myself using this theory!

I usually change purses a couple of times a year, because WHO uses a black purse in the summer or a white one in the winter ( or is that dated thinking now?) Anyway, I half expected my findings to be somewhat tidy and organized – I was WRONG! What I found the most interesting when objectively looking at my purse belongings spread all over, was that I have changed, and I’ll use the word change over ‘gotten old’!  Where did all these random mints come from? It seems that every older lady has mints that she hands out with some purse lint to her grandchildren – for my grandma it was butterscotch lifesavers, and I swore I would never get that old…yea, well here I am!

And, lipstick, WHO needs six different tubes that are all pretty close in colour??  Two different hand creams, mascara, sanitizer,  four pens, a notepad with random numbers, quotes, appointments and doodles,  a small flashlight, a couple of salt packets for my addiction to all things salty, a nail file, and some loose random change that won’t even give me 5 minutes parking.

Needless to say, I felt like I was a hot mess on the verge of being a hoarder! Then I googled ( cause that’s the right way to learn about yourself in 2020) what it means to have all this ‘junk’ in my bag AND here is what I found out – I am ORGANIZED (phewww):

** Call her organized and maybe someone who likes to play it safe, this woman likes predictability and order. According to “The Diva Handbag Lady” Maria Williams, women under this category regularly use a classic style bag and fill it with tissues, a phone charger, eye drops, a toothbrush, lipgloss, and anything else that will keep her prepared for any situation.

Thanks, Google, I think I can add a few more items now and feel good about it!