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The business landscape has changed, and COVID is the culprit, but we can’t think like victims. I understand that it can be hard to stand up to a pandemic! How do we address our consumer right now, while at the same time keeping them, and our staff safe?? How long will we have to endure these hard times? I may not have the answer to that but I can tell you there has never been a more important time to think outside the box, get creative with your marketing, community, and adapt to the scenery.

It’s amazing to see how many businesses have changed their way of doing business and communicating with their teams – but is this driving sales and business for them? The last month has been about adaptation. I get that, and it’s commendable. What now though? What if this IS the new ‘norm’? If this is, the new landscape – can you survive?

It’s not the most positive thing to face, but in marketing, the only way to win is to be ahead of the competition in getting your message to the consumer – FIRST and often enough that you become their first thought when it is time to purchase. Even when budgets are tight, marketing is a tool for revenue and now more than ever we need to sharpen that tool and use it well.

For a small business, there are many options with varied investments and returns, but when we look at the business community and where we are at in this pandemic – marketing matters and your customer is doing their best to safely do business with you. People need to know how to navigate the new terrain that your business has built for them. One of my favorite things in my career is connecting. Connecting to our listeners, understanding what they want and who they are; and connecting that back to your business and its needs! I am here to help guide and connect you to our listeners and your potential new customers!

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