On Wednesday I sat in the arrivals section at Vancouver International Airport for a good hour waiting for my boyfriend who had been travelling Europe for the last three weeks. If you’re an emotional sap like me there’s nothing better than watching people reunite at the airport.  From young students arriving home for the summer to a cute pair of seniors coming for a long overdue visit with their grandkids, every type of relationship and display of affection plays out in front of you, you can’t help but sit and stare like a creeper ha. All I needed was a bucket of popcorn and I would’ve been good as gold. One meetup that stands out were these two tanned twenty year olds who had clearly arrived from somewhere hot. Their whole family, grandparents and everything, stood standing waiting for them with a ‘welcome home’ sign.  When they finally arrived you could just tell by the Dad’s face and big bear hugs how much it meant to him to have the whole clan together (even though the excitement usually turns to frustration within two days ha!) Another cute encounter was this sweet little 20 year old next to me who judging by her constantly fidgeting with her cellphone and checking the arrivals board every two seconds, this was an important meet up. When she saw her equally cute boyfriend pop through the arrival doors she all but jumped out of her seat and threw herself into his arms, can’t get more puppy love than that! Skip the movies. If you want a good tug at the heartstrings make the airport your next stop on a Saturday night.

– Vanessa